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About us

The Education and Research Center of the Graduate School of Medicine (ERCGSM) was established at Gunma University in 2003. The ERCGSM is a unique Education and Research Centerspecializing in postgraduate education in Japan. The center provides training in basic and advanced skills courses in order to raise researchers to the cutting edge of the life sciences and to cultivate leaders with the capacity for innovation in the medical field. The Center encourages postgraduate students to present their work at international academic meetings in order to promote the synthesis of international views.


Name Position
Takashi Izumi Dean, Chairman of the ERCGSM Committee
Tomoaki Shirao Professor, Vice-chairman of the ERCGSM Committee
Yuchio Yanagawa Professor
Yasuhiko Saito Associate Professor
Yoichi Nakazato Professor
Hiroki Yasuda Associate Professor
Motoaki Miyashita Research Associate
Tatsuya Iso Research Associate
Satoru Yamaguchi Research Associate
Yasuko Kobayashi Research Associate
Ayumu Konno Research Associate
Yasuki Ishizaki Professor
Noriyuki Koibuchi Professor
Masahiko Kurabayashi Professor
Hiroyuki Kuwano Professor
Koichi Arakawa Professor